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YOU ARE INVITED TO "JUKAI" (Undertaking the Precepts)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:08 am
by jundo

Never had the opportunity due to family obligations, timing, health limitations, distance from a Sangha?

Then you are WELCOME to JOIN our TENTH (10th) ANNUAL JUKAI PREPARATIONS & CEREMONY at Treeleaf, open to any Zen Practitioner anywhere, designed for people to gather and receive Jukai online from home because of life circumstances.

Preparations will begin next week, with the actual Ceremony in January (to be held online, with participants in countries around the world, by live two-way netcast). Over the coming few months, we will hold weekly group discussions on each of the Precepts, an online guided "Sewing Circle" for creating a 'Rakusu' (a Buddhist vestment, inscribed and received during the Ceremony), opportunities for Zazen sittings with our Community, and much more. We have many members participating this year, many sewing the Rakusu (we help you all through the beautiful process, as we have for many years' of stitchers), many friendly folks to meet and share in the journey. You are invited! No donation needed (this is our Community's service). If you have ever considered such a step, please come look.

Not sure what is "Jukai"? Please read something about its meaning at the following link:

( ... -ANGO-2017)

We do ask those participating to register with our Forum, to sit at least once a day in Shikantaza Zazen as practiced in our Sangha (you can also sit and undertake other personal Practices as well if not a "Soto" sitter, but we ask for at least one period of Shikantaza daily during your time with us), to engage in Rakusu sewing with supervision and guidance, and to join in Precept discussions as much as you can. Of course, there is no obligation to actually undertake the Ceremony in January should someone have a change of heart along the way. For other folks, you are welcome to do so again (we have folks who join every year, or who have undertaken Jukai before at other Sangha).

We have many other activities going on in our Sangha as well this month (follow the link above to read something about our ongoing online "Ango" too), and you are welcome to hop on that too if helpful to you.

Pull up a Zafu, join in the fun. It is a very special, moving time each year for our Community, and we hope to share it with others.

If you have any question, you can write me at: jundotreeleaf[a]

Here is a small taste of our Ceremony from last year, and some of our participants: ... AkKI8_bCJA[

Treeleaf Zendo is a Zen Buddhist sangha in the Sōtō tradition.Treeleaf was designed specifically as an online practice place for Zen practitioners who cannot easily commute to a Zen Center due to health concerns, living in remote areas, or work, childcare and family needs, and seeks to provide netcast Zazen sittings, retreats, Jukai, discussion, interaction with a teacher, and all other activities of a Zen Buddhist Sangha, all fully online and without charge. COME BUILD THE FUTURE of ONLINE ZEN COMMUNITY and PRACTICE. WWW.TREELEAF.ORG
Gassho, Jundo

Re: YOU ARE INVITED TO "JUKAI" (Undertaking the Precepts)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:21 am
by fukasetsu
Wonderful initiative and tradition, best to all participants involved!