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How to Obtain Help While on the Board

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How to Obtain Help While on the Board

Postby Rider on Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:46 pm

How to Obtain Help while on the Board

There are two reasons generally that someone will reach out to the Moderators (Mods) on a board: technical, and personal.


If you have a technical issue you can’t resolve on your own, you can post your question in Feedback and Suggestions and we’ll try and get you a solution, if possible. This is also helpful for other members who might have the same problem; they can see what the solution was and obtain immediate help.

If for some reason your question is not being dealt with, you can send a PM (private message) to one of the Mods by using the PM button.


Zen Forum International was formed in response to the need for a place where people could speak freely about Zen and Buddhism and related subjects (and even unrelated subjects) without fear of being banned for having an unpopular opinion, even if it contradicts official or generally accepted Buddhist teachings and practices. You might get a lot of folks telling you you’re wrong, but that’s open discussion for you. We believe in community, sharing, learning, discussing, and even debating. HOWEVER, cruelty, harm, rudeness, nastiness, personal attacks and so on will not be tolerated. This is intended to be a safe place for open discussion and the moderators are charged with making sure it stays safe. Please be sure and read the Terms of Service. This is information you need to know when you post on this board; knowing it well will spare you much trouble and let you know what is or is not considered ok on this board.

If you feel that a post or member has violated the Terms of Service you can click the report button on their post. Right now it looks like an exclamation mark (!). This will send an alert to the Mods who will review the situation. Mods can remove offensive posts or topics; they can also warn members that they have violated the Terms of Service. Repeated violations can and will result in being banned from this forum; we are committed to keeping this place safe and comfortable for all members. If you are not sure, or have a reason not to just click the report button, you can PM a Mod with the details. We take all reports very seriously and will look into it in depth. Please do not abuse the report function- you must read the Terms of Service carefully to know what should or should not be allowed. Abuse of reporting is also abuse, so to speak. But in summary, we want to know if someone is violating the Terms of Service on this board so that it can remain a safe place for everyone.

Ombudsman Service

It is recognized that there will be times that you may feel that warnings and reportings are rooted in a misunderstanding, or you feel the Mods are not treating you fairly or that you have a substantial and unresolved problem with another member that you feel is not being addressed properly. In order to handle these important issues, we have an Ombudsman whose role is purely to promote understanding and reduce conflict. The Ombudsman does not take sides, whether ZFI’s or any particular member’s, instead, he will research the whole matter and seek to resolve the situation to everyone’s mutual satisfaction, if possible. He will come down on the side of the Terms of Service, however.There is a detailed description of the Ombudsman role posted under Feedback and Suggestions. The Ombudsman is never the first person you report a problem to, but he is there to help if you feel that your problem remains unresolved or that you are being treated unfairly – and this specifically includes if you feel that the staff of ZFI are treating you unfairly. At this time the Ombudsman is clyde, you can PM him if you need that type of assistance.

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