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OCD and Zen Buddhist practise.

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OCD and Zen Buddhist practise.

Postby fukasetsu on Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:06 pm

I wanted to ask if teachers here have any experience with people and/or practisioners who are diagnosed with OCD especially related to compulsive thinking whether severe or mild.

If you have such experience could you say something about integrating Zen practise into their lives, what you found to be save or dangerous regarding introducing and guiding/teaching them and/or whether some or all practises are to be avoided or not.

Eventhough it depends on each individual in specific and you might not be able to speak generally I'm very interested in your experience with those diagnosed with compulsive behaviour/thinking.
Anything might be helpful even if you don't know such people I'd appreciate anything you're able or willing to share on this subject.

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Re: OCD and Zen Buddhist practise.

Postby Guo Gu on Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:44 pm

i've found that a good relationship with a teacher is the most important in practicing the dharma. this is true for folks with ocd or not. developing a sense of trust, security diminishes anxiety/fear and allows for the practitioner to really face, embrace what s/he has (and recognizing, too, that the label ocd [or other labels like ptsd] is just a modern construct). this becomes the basis for working with thoughts/emotions. this is only a general principle. the specifics vary according to each person and the teacher's skillful means does the rest.
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