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How To: Posting a photo or avatar.

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How To: Posting a photo or avatar.

Postby Joe on Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:26 pm

This is a quick how to that is designed to help old and new with adding a photo/avatar to our site. First off realize there are several methods of putting a photo on our site.

You can get a free webs service that lets you put a photo on there. 2 that come to mind are Flickr and Picasa. If you are a member of Yahoo! and have a Yahoo! email you already have a flickr account. It is a subsidiary of Yahoo!. If you have a gmail account through google you already have a Picasa account (they are tied together).

The other way is to use our upload. The reasons not to use our site to host the image are 1, you need to be savvy enough to resize the image both physically (under 2000 pixels) and bit size (under 1mb). If you cannot do that we have restrictions on uploading them to our site. These restrictions are to keep the size of the site down so when we do backups its not ridiculously large.

So being using an offsite photo host here is what we will cover. (think of this as Youtube but not for videos but images)

Using either Flickr or Picasa will allow you to upload all of your images there. I will use Flickr because its what I use and I tend to like it more than Picasa but both have their merits.

1. Upload all of your pictures to Flickr through a very easy to use interface.
- this will auto resize the photos making them more web friendly
- Built in to the upload are physical resizes > Thumbnail, Small, Medium, Large and Original.
2. Go to your photo and select the size you want (try not to go too big say over 1000 pixels wide).
3. Copy the code where it says "Grab the URL" :
Code: Select all
copy this: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3153/2348998183_044e5b4bce_o.jpg

4. Come here and post your post, after you get all in what you need you can add this bit of code:
Code: Select all
5. When you are all done you will have the photo in your post:

Follow those 4 steps for inserting your avatar. On flickr just go to SMALL photo and grab that URL.
The steps are very similar on Picasa.

Why not to use photobucket:
Photobucket in my opinion is too commercial and when going there you will be inundated with advertisements and other annoyances. For web newbies it can be more daunting and they purposefully make it difficult to navigate their site so you accidentally click an advertisement (which brings them in money). Thats just my opinion and you can make that determination for yourself. We encourage you to use ANY web host you can find for images.
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