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Postby deci belle on Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:12 pm

Seeing is immediate knowledge bypassing the thinking/feeling self-reifying psychological apparatus.

There is a deeper application of the taoist analytic device of host and guest where the seat of knowledge is the host and intellect is the guest, which is the index of the return of normalcy to the organism. Delusion is the typical relationship between ego/aware nature whereby thought imagines itself to overarch immediate knowledge. As its characteristically habit-centered function calcifies, real knowledge becomes inaccessible to the organism.

Don Juan Matus, a Yaqui adept of a Toltec tradition of the nature of perception who lived in northern Mexico and the subject of the first few books by Carlos Castañeda, described the difference between the man of knowledge and an ordinary person as a warrior’s predilection for realizing the totality of the being that going to die and the ability to see.

Those who cannot contain an intellectually despotic conceptualization the nature of what I write about need only see that they themselves habitually categorize a vast ungraspable mystery that has no beginning, inside or outside by the capacities of a puny mentality lorded over by an utterly leaden self-identity that has never experienced self-nurture other than by an excentric self-pity. Complete reality is not by virtue of buddhism or traditions of buddhist practice.

Buddhism is a cluster of traditions tendered to clarify the real from within the false to access Suchness as is.

It (intellect) is entirely inadequate for the task of entering the tao. All the authentic traditions of the world’s mystery teachings of the nature of awareness require an arduous (for some) self-refinement process to re-orient the mental makeup of the individual to enable the possibility of entry into the inconceivable nature of reality.

Anyone who believes that their own separate identity exists in an ultimate sense has unknowingly created it themselves. That would be a working definition of ignorance. As for those who practice floating around in a void, and call that meditation, they are only entertaining the empty consciousness of ageless thievery. This is not your shining mind~ it’s just your mirror-in-a-bubble, itself floating within the confines of eternity. This is not freedom. By this kind of meditation, you may very well develop strange powers and die at will, but you will not see your nature thereby.

Seeing is simply not using the selfish psychological apparatus to witness creation in terms of karmic evolution which results in immediate knowledge of reality as is, true Thusness, in everyday ordinary situations. There is no need for the mental masturbation described above. Life is short. Endeavor to discover it in the here-and-now, please. There is no other time, there is no other reality, and there is no other mind. Really!!

As simple as it is, seeing requires the fundamental refinement of the identity of the being that is going to die. Since it is a process of reversion that reverses the karmic evolution of the created universe within the aspect of the individual-as-reflection fundamentally undifferentiated from the whole of creation, that process is an audacious, precise undertaking that has nothing to do with an effortless, sudden realization of your essential nature. Why? The function of enlightening being is natural— as natural as ego’s usurping of the seat of awareness seems to you right now. Changing your ingrained views is hard. Seeing your nature is easy.

Reversion to the basis is simply being natural. This is all a person can do. This is the comprehension of self-refinement. The sudden is not the doing of people, it is the product of celestial timing. Therefore, the saying goes: “Refine the self and await the time.” It can happen whether you are ready or not, so don’t let it go to waste. Anticipating or imagining or intending unity is a dead-end. Just refine the self to discover the inherent function of enlightening being no different than your own mind before the first thought.

It is simply possible to do so, and no one knows why. It is not possible to understand it, as it is inconceivability itself. Attempting to do so is the insanity of Icarus. Not-understanding the mystery of entry into the mystery of awareness is the prerequisite to arrival. Just this much is as much seeing as one can ever do. Know that seeing is not a self-reflective habit energy relative to doing. No one does seeing. Seeing is reality alternately responsive or hidden; being that is awareness itself. This is the unattributable~ not the sense-organ.

I hope I have made if perfectly clear for the literalists and pedants that one enters the tao in reality by virtue of not thinking it can be thought about. Precisely, it is just in not-thinking. When one gets this, one has found that the world is a resting-place within oneself.

A Comment…

So by not-grasping being the perennial mode of operation in the midst of ordinary affairs, the world's nonoriginated foundation of incipience flowing in perpetuity comes to the fore by virtue of situations themselves, and it couldn't be more natural because reality is complete as is. Even as the world beckons…❤

Though the world chooses you with showers of flowers, their fragrance is the same from the branch. So though you see the source of fragrance through its root, still you adapt to conditional showers of flowers, only without grasping ramifications— because their incipience is presence itself, not admitting following. Though the scene is phenomenal, only you see it unmoving. Unnoticed, you neither rush or tarry …a passing through in endless transformations coeval with creation, not subject to creation.

By maintaining equipoise at the aperture of Change, the gate and door of the mysterious female, you see changes by an inner stillness of impersonal witnessing. In this state of open and sincere observation, who would dare to grasp at illusion?

Clarity said: So not-knowing is really knowing without knowing. And just this is seeing!

Yes, indeed. True knowledge is knowledge of incipience. This is seeing without traces. Grasping is the knowledge of knowing endless ramifications.

A Comment…

Seeing is subject to the situation. Seeing is whatever is. The context is the situation including one's outer conventional relationship and responsibility to it. Anything beyond that is a personalistic interpretation. This IS an abstraction.

This is because seeing is functionally enlightening being, which is nonpsychological awareness. This is the working definition of spiritual activity. As such, this is inherent objective selflessness as is responding to Suchness as is.

Where this does not go along with the temporal is up to seeing itself as the real is not outside the karmic.

Is not "seeing" the achieving of an operational level of transparency within a context?

Yes. That is a way to put it.

Can we ever "see through" any thing - achieve an absolute objective transparency in all its contexts?

The dharma-eye is just this. Seeing through creation is the open function of one's selfless dharma-eye.

And suppose we do achieve this ability to "see through", what will then there be left to "see"?

Seeing through the world is enlightening being. It is not an "ability" relative to the person. This is the light-function of adepts, sages and buddhas. With nothing left to see, there is proof of the identity of the self being unborn awareness. This is release here and now from the karmic matrix wherein one transforms one karmic cycle. Release is perpetual; enlightening being is functionally where there is no doing.

Immortalists are said to smash space— physically and mentally sublimated, they enter the Tao in reality, plant lotuses in fire and go through endless transformations.
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Re: Seeing

Postby macdougdoug on Sat Jan 09, 2016 6:45 pm

my intellectually despotic conceptualisation stumbled on the word Knowledge; which conjured up the idea of a 'storehouse of things known' - Words such as Knowing or Understanding might have jarred less.
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