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The Song

Discussion of Chinese Chán (禪) Buddhism.

The Song

Postby deci belle on Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:44 am

Li Daoqun said:

All phenomena are ultimately one,
But this is still nothing extraordinary;
The beginning is one Nonbeing,
Which produces all beings.

With nonbeing and being working together,
It is possible to last long.

Nonbeing and being working together is one's own nonpsychological function working directly with essence in response to evolution.

Without evolution, there would be no response by virtue of essential aware impersonal spiritual accord with reality. Without spiritual accord with reality, there is no working directly with essence. Absolute and conditional are unified within oneself by the activation of one’s natural enlightening function.

There is no escaping conditional or absolute reality. Either one or the other is clinging to extremes. Those who cling to one or the other go along with life and death. Those who enter the tao in reality express unified awareness adapting to conditions without identifying with relative or absolute reality. This is the working definition of effectively functioning in terms of Complete Reality in the midst of worldly affairs unbeknownst to anyone.

This is activation of one’s innate enlightening function of subtle spiritual adaption transcending creation while in its midst. Lasting long is not experiencing birth and death while in the midst of creation’s karmic situational microcosmic cycles.

Even though my writing may seem like incoherent formulaic gibberish, the basis of the words of prior illuminates is real. Inconceivability cannot make sense: it’s nonsense is validated by your own natural enlightening function when you awaken to it, as is. I can only assure you that it is, in fact, so.

Nonbeing and being is darkness and brilliance, nonpsychological and psychological, yin and yang. Enlightening beings are those who succeed in fusing the sexual nature of creation within themselves, and so activate their own awareness flowering as the inherent function already residing complete, perfect and fulfilled without your knowing.

The reason “All phenomena are ultimately one” is still nothing extraordinary is because until one directly experiences the practical effect of creation’s nonpsychological unity by oneself independently and expresses its enlightening function in everyday ordinary situations, it’s just hearsay~ a half-baked notion with no power whatsoever.

The reason “it is possible to last long” is because one’s own dying to the world is an impersonal, nonpsychological act. Lasting long does not admit of one’s own power. Dying to the world is the release of one’s own potential in the midst of affairs. The reason one’s own power is not admitted is because of one’s entry into the inconceivable— how could it be explained?

How could dying to the world have anything to do with long lasting vision of reality? Even Jesus knew that dying to the world was the same as spiritual awakening. Dying to the world is simply awakening to nonpsychological awareness. Nonpsychological awareness is the transcendent Tiger-eye of one’s enlightening function obliterating the rat-eyes of ego-consciousness.

Rat-eyes can go on in their business just fine once the Tiger-eye has been awakened. But until it is, one's rat-eys just get in the way of effective adaption. The obliteration of one’s rat-vision is one’s blindness to the sense-of-self that engenders the compulsion to project ego-consciousness onto worldy events.

There is dying to the world in the absolute sense and also in the incremental conditional sense practiced by spiritual illuminates.

That I say I don’t know anything about it and that I can’t describe it is due to its inconceivability, yet its effect is most beneficial without anyone knowing. Even so, though no one knows, its benefit is carried out in spite of the recurrence of the killing energy of the yin convergence— in that it is carried out by virtue of the killing energy of the yin convergence, which is the precise time that one’s spiritually adaptive function of “dying to the world” has its transcendent effect on oneself and others. It is only a matter of talking about the time.

The time, effectively seized, has its effect on evolution. It is not that "dying to the world" is a thing one carries around like a badge.

The killing energy is what adepts steal in their nonpsychological withdrawal in the midst of situations. When they steal (neutralize the effective momentum of) the converging mass of karmic death-dealing polluted yin energy which has since grown in the course of a single event of yang coming into being, it is unrefined potential. When withdrawn into secrecy void of intellectualism, it is refined into elixir naturally and without effort. It is another meaning of the term hiding one’s light.

Another sense of this term refers to an adaptive sociological strategy. In this sense it is a functional directive by which to seal the cauldron and cook the elixir to perfection in order to release it without anticipation when it reaches maturation according to its own developmental attributes relative to refining away karmic elements. In other words, this is a practical application of the term, the world is the sage. So not only is there no escape in immortalism~ to imagine that it were so is to cut off the basis of one’s own transcendent developmental potential.

Even in withdrawing the potential elixir and storing it away in secrecy void of intellectualism, one does not entertain the illusion that transcendence is manifest outside the context of karmic evolution.

If one does not yet grasp the alchemically galvanic arising of yin’s killing energy as a matter of perennially occurring karmic cycles, one does not yet have a glimmer of true seeing in terms of the activation of the Dharma Eye that sees through phenomena without denying its characteristics.

This is neither good nor bad, it’s just a fact. Work on it sincerely and without anticipation. That is the rule. The celestial has its own timing.

If one is to see far and last long, understand that there is another part to Li Daoqun’s Song: I have only brought out six lines.
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