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True Self, Eternal Self

With a focus on the non-Zen Mahayana schools flowing from China, Japan, Korea, etc.

Re: True Self, Eternal Self

Postby fukasetsu on Sun Sep 28, 2014 1:04 am

Thanks Ted,

for the record:
I am fairly familiar with your posts, thus I am aware that your experience and understanding concerning the fundamental elements of Zen/Buddhism (e.g. the nature of practice-enlightenment [shusho], emptiness [sunyata], existence-time, etc.) differs greatly from mine.

I don't have any view or experience in what is known as "(Zen)Buddhism" or whatever path or religion, words merely arises due to specific habitual stored knowledge of whatever medium which can with or without distortion convey experience and understanding, so I can share my views whether I meet a Christian, Buddhist or whatever and use totally different words yet not grant any of it more attention then the dirt on my shoes. Experience and views differ because they are not Real or true (oeps) - nor are they not. I know a fully "awakened" one who couldn't tell green apart from red let alone have any experience or understanding of Buddhist fundamentals, he merely laughs away at any view anyone brings him, sure they have their natural function but it's merely what a dream makes within a dream. I am not interested in experience and understanding, just as much interest I have in dishwater. :)
I realize this is a Buddhist forum so one of the functions is to share views and understanding so we can deepen our "practise-(enlightenment)" but for the record here it is.
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Re: True Self, Eternal Self

Postby littletsu on Sun Oct 12, 2014 12:31 pm

There is a talk by Reb Anderson where he talks about practicing enlightenment as "studying consciousness which
has a self". He also says the self is "totally process and not at all anything you can be concerned about, because
there is nobody outside the self-process, all the selfs are inside self-process, [...] there really is a self-process, and
nobody can get ahold of it. But part of a self-process is if you can think you can get ahold of a process"

This starts around 24:00 in the talk called Remembering Fred Maroth (Nov 13, 2013).


What does he mean? Is he talking about the 5 skandhas as the processes here?

Thanks for any elaboration.
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Re: True Self, Eternal Self

Postby desert_woodworker on Sun Oct 12, 2014 12:46 pm


I think he may be talking about a self that feels or thinks it has a life, versus the actual life that this body -- and being -- has. And that the "process" is the set of machinations used by that self, plus all the products it spins out, and spins-off into the realm of oneself and others (all karma-based, and karma-producing).

But, I could be "projecting" (my ideas onto Reb). Take this with a grain of Gomasio.

best rgds,


littletsu wrote:What does he mean? Is he talking about the 5 skandhas as the processes here?

Thanks for any elaboration.
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