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Who are you?

Who are you?

Postby King Kong on Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:25 pm

Mary's husband and father of two daughters, Michael, a Marine Sergeant, just died in a battle field, Afghanistan.

He is a devout Christian, now at the front gate of Heaven, hoping to enter and enjoy eternal bliss in the white pearl theme Heaven.

An Angel guarding the gate approached him.

Gate Angel: "Before you can enter Heaven, you must answer me a question."

Michael: "Sure, go ahead."

Gate Angel: "I want to know who are you?"

Michael: "I am Michael."

Gate Angel: "I'm not asking who is Michael, your name. I'm asking who are YOU??"

Michael: "Ohhh...ok. I'm a Marine Sergeant."

Gate Angel: "I'm not asking who is a Marine Sergeant, your occupation. I'm asking who are YOU?!"

Michael: "Ummm...well, I'm a father of two daughters. Married to Mary..."

Gate Angel: "I'm NOT asking who is the father of two daughters or who is Mary's husband, your family role. I'm asking WHO are YOU?!!"

Michael: "Errrr...ok, ok. I'm a devout Christian......"

Gate Angel: "I'm NOT asking who is a devout Christian, your religious identity. I'm asking WHO ARE YOU?!!!"

Michael: "Aarrrr...ok, ok. I'm...I'm a......am a..."

Gate Angel: "Stop that!! Apparently, you still don't know WHO ARE YOU yet!"

Gate Angel: "Go back to Earth and reborn again!!!"
We are not God creation, but part of GOD. We are pieces of GOD, come from GOD and will return to GOD, much the same way as drops of water come from the ocean and finally will return to the ocean. GOD is not an entity with attributes but a vast sea of universal consciousness and love in the Universe.
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Re: Who are you?

Postby Seeker242 on Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:21 am

I had nearly the exact same conversation with my teacher once. It was fun! : :lol2:
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Re: Who are you?

Postby chankin1937 on Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:11 pm

King Kong reported the question: "I want to know who are you?"

Hello King Kong,
This is typical of the koans the Rinzai school of Zen uses in meditation.
The theory behind it seems to be that if you strip away all the superficial ideas of “self ”and all aspects of the world we live in, you get down to pure awareness; awareness that is aware of only itself. Essentially we are biological entities which are aware. If you manage to directly experience that unburdened awareness – a passive awareness free of all active “thinking” – you have the great treasure of Zen. You are enlightened. For, in creatures with our sort of central nervous system, that constitutes profound peace-of-mind.

The question is just a ploy to encourage you to abstain from conscious mental activity in meditation. It can be effective.

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