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Concentration in Zen

Discussion of Japanese Rinzai Zen (臨済宗) including Obaku Zen (黄檗宗).

Re: Concentration in Zen

Postby desert_woodworker on Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:43 am

Wonderful to review. Thanks Ani; and Meido Roshi. --Joe
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Re: Concentration in Zen

Postby Meido on Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:36 am

Anirukta wrote:Is there something similar to color kasina, or internally produced simple sound(s), or whatever else?

Depending on the particular teaching line, or the personal background of the teacher, you could find many things. I'm not familiar with kasina practice other than what I've read, and have not heard of any Rinzai teachers using it.

Sounds: dharani/mantra recitation is not uncommon.

Formal meditation using susokukan (breath-counting) or something similar is fairly universal for several reasons, among which are that it is safe and fairly rapid in effect. But in general the initial method is not so important as long as one cultivates the basic samadhi which removes obstructions, gives access to many methods, and creates the foundation for post-kensho practice.

Also, whatever method is used during formal meditation periods, one will likely be engaging with other practices which reinforce and extend concentration: chanting/ceremony, work practice, energetic practices, physical culture, fine arts, etc. So lots of possible ingredients in the prescription, so to speak.

~ Meido
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