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Authenticity of the Lotus Sutra?

Re: Authenticity of the Lotus Sutra?

Postby Nothing on Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:13 pm

desert_woodworker wrote:N.,

Oh, not at all. And not elaborate. Just talking!

Best to you in Macedonia, from here in the slightly-cooling desert of Arizona.

Again, good study.



Haha, thanks again for the just talking then :)

The only cool thing about a desert ;)


"There is no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end" - James Hutton
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Re: Authenticity of the Lotus Sutra?

Postby another_being on Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:43 pm

Pedestrian wrote:What does "spoken by the Buddha" mean?


As for the Lanka, there's another thread around here somewhere...

As for 20th, 21st century, who's counting?

"Some people think they are enlightened, some people think they are not enlightened." -- Denko
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Re: Authenticity of the Lotus Sutra?

Postby Humbaba on Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:43 am

A Philosopher wrote:One that leads a person to awakening
(sorry for being so wordy).

I had the impression that most Sutras tended to be awfully wordy.

But who knows what's best?

desert_woodworker wrote:All I have is the audio of the spoken words of Aitken Roshi reciting the entire sutra. I think the tape is either 60 minutes or 90 minutes long. So, to transcribe this would be a major (-minor) "project". Perhaps I could convert the analog audio cassette to a digital file (of course I can). I'd need to post it somewhere for downloading, though. I don't know about any "permissions", or intellectual-property rights, and I ought to look into these before I post anything, ...IF I post. I'll contact the Diamond sangha in Hawai'i about legalities, etc., and will chew all this over... .

No please don't. Forgive my idle curiosity and don't take any trouble on my account. There is so much still to read. And sometimes less is more.
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Re: Authenticity of the Lotus Sutra?

Postby Chrisd on Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:52 am

A Philosopher wrote:
Humbaba wrote:
Caodemarte wrote:There was quite a different definition of authorship in those days.I don't think the people who put together the sutras were trying to fool people. If something was true and beautiful as it expresses Buddhism it makes sense to say that Buddha said it, because in a sense he did.

What would be the best sutra written in the 20th or 21st century?

One that leads a person to awakening
(sorry for being so wordy).

One that awakens a person! :)
Or rather the being that is expressing itself as a person.

Sorry for being so wordy :lol2:

Ted Biringer wrote:Fortunately, for the Zen practitioner (in contrast to the historian or academic scholar) it makes no difference who expressed it or when it was expressed – the only thing that matters is authenticity.

To clarify, any authentic Zen/Buddhist expression only qualifies as such if and when a particular sentient being (you, me, him, her) personally, and experientially verifies it as an “expression of truth.” In Zen, whether it is Buddhist sutra, Zen record, koan, gatha, poem, sermon, or any other form of expression, it can only be considered “authentic” (or refuted for that matter) by each individual practitioner. Even if all our fellow students have verified it, or our teacher has assured us – even if the Buddha appeared in person and proclaimed it – we each must experientially verify it before we can consider it authentic. This is the significance of the Zen tradition of mushi dokugo (“enlightenment by oneself without a teacher”). Corollary with this, of course, is the fact that if we do experientially verify the authenticity of an expression of truth – whether it comes from a Buddhist sutra or a comic book – we will have realized an authentic instance of Zen practice-enlightenment (hence, universal liberation).

nicely put :heya:
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